Inviting the Spirit

Something for which I strive daily is to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. For different activities in which you may be engaged throughout your day, there may be an assortment of ways appropriate for doing this.  My hope is that it will be of benefit to discuss some ways to invite the Holy Ghost to be with you as you are in different situations.

A few weeks ago, our family sat down to think of ways that we could bring the Spirit into our lives.  The following are some of the things that we thought of:

  • Listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – I do this every moment that I am working on this website.
  • Praying – Plead with the Lord to bless you with the power and influence of the Holy Ghost.
  • Singing Hymns – I cannot tell you how many times “I Am a Child of God” has calmed our children.
  • Studying the Scriptures – Written through revelation by the power of the Holy Ghost, scripture study is one of the best ways to invite the Spirit.
  • Performing Service – How can you serve someone and not feel the warm confirming influence of the Spirit inside you?
  • Being nice to everyone we come into contact with – Wishing someone a good day may have more impact in their life than you can ever know.  It can also bring the Spirit into your day.
  • Clean and tidy up our home – The Holy Ghost will not dwell in unclean places, as we have been told.  How much better do you feel when your room or home has been straightened up and is clean?
  • Visit the temple grounds – Taking children to the temple grounds is great occasion to help them recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost because of how strong it is there.
  • Talk about the Gospel – Gospel discussions, if done with a spirit of love, can be prime occasions for feeling the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Priesthood Ordinances – One of the most effective ways to feel the power and influence of the Holy Ghost is to attend a baptism or a priesthood blessing.

This is a mere handful of the great many ways that you can invite the Spirit into your life.  I leave the challenge with you to sit down with your own family, or even by yourself.  List out as many ways as you can that will invite the Holy Ghost into your life, especially as you are doing other activities.

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