Free E-Book: “Knowing Truth the Lord’s Way: Beyond Reason and Logic”

Knowing Truth The Lord's WayHey, everyone!  Scott Morris here.  Over the past several years, I have dedicated my efforts to blending my life experience with the scriptures and the inspired words of our beloved church leaders to produce a unique e-book: “Knowing Truth the Lord’s Way: Beyond Reason and Logic.” This e-book aims to provide you with the tools to strengthen and nurture your testimony according to the Lord’s established pattern.

Within this eBook, we will go over topics such as:

  • The limitations of logic and reason in understanding eternal truths
  • The vital role personal revelation plays in our quest for truth and spiritual progression
  • The nature of revelation and how to personally experience it
  • The relationship between prayer, scripture study, faith, and divine guidance, as taught by our church leaders
  • The significance of primary truths and their role in our spiritual journey
  • How change within the Church exemplifies the continuous flow of revelation

The beauty of this eBook lies in its foundation: a harmonious compilation of scriptural insights and statements from our church leaders on these essential topics. As you immerse yourself in the teachings and principles of personal revelation, you will develop a deeper understanding of its critical role in our spiritual growth. You’ll come to appreciate how prayer, scripture study, and faith can unlock the doors to the Lord’s guidance, enabling you to enjoy the love and wisdom of our Heavenly Father more fully throughout your life.

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