An Apostle Explains Revelation

From Elder David A. Bednar on receiving revelation:

“Somehow, someway in the culture of the church, not in the doctrine, but in the culture of the church we have come to believe that I must know in the moment that it’s a spiritual impression. That I must receive the spiritual impression so that it will guide me and tell me what to do. And that unless I receive such an impression, I cannot go forward because I won’t know what to do. Now, Elders and Sisters, every once in a while, rarely, you will receive an impression that will guide you and you will know it before the fact. The overwhelming majority of the impressions and revelations you will ever receive will come in the course of you being a good boy or a good girl, honoring your covenants, keeping your commandments and you will become and instrument in the hands of God and He will take you where you need to be so you can do what He wants you to do and much of the time you’ll never know it’s happening that way.”

Listen to the whole thing:

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