BYU Religious Education Review

Creating an edifying and uplifting environment and atmosphere for yourself is conducive to your desire to be the best person that you can.  Hanging photos on your walls of the Lord, the leadership of the Church, or temples can serve this purpose.  In addition, informative and worthwhile books and magazines can help perform this function.  Many likely have the Scriptures and the Ensign close by.  But do you have your copy of the BYU Religious Education Review?

From the site, a description of this magazine is given as follows:

“BYU Religious Education Review magazine provides readers with information about BYU’s college of Religious Education, the Religious Studies Center (RSC), the Religious Educator journal, our most recent books published, the latest information from BYU’s Religious Education, including interviews, commentary, articles, advancements, awards, and often features faculty members who are making news and realizing extraordinary accomplishments.”

The subscription for the semi-annual magazine is free.  Those who wish to take advantage of this marvelous resource may do so on the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE.  You may also call 801-422-6975 if you wish to subscribe by phone.

Each issue includes recent discoveries and scholarly developments made since the last issue.  Also included are dates of conferences and symposia that will be held in the six months following the publication of that issue.  The events are generally free of charge, and registration is not usually required.  Take a look at the CONFERENCES AND SYMPOSIA page for further details.

This is a recommended resource for those who wish to keep current on Gospel Scholarship.

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