Recommended Reading: Drawing on the Powers of Heaven

One of the books I have been reading recently really stands out.  It is called “Drawing on the Powers of Heaven,” by Grant Von Harrison.  The concepts are laid out in a simple way.  They are explained well.  It’s a book that I would very much recommend if you would like greater access to the powers of heaven.

Brother Von Harrison explains what kind of faith is required, and how to gain it.  He talks about how critical it is to master the thoughts of your mind.  He also discusses how to set the right kind of goals.  One of the best things he said about goal-setting is that each goal is a means and no goal is an end.  When you accomplish one, set another one immediately.

The concept of grace is covered very well.  We always hear that after all we can do, the Lord will help us.  What exactly does that mean?  This book explains it simply and clearly.

Prayer is another of the topics of discussion.  Brother Von Harrison tells us how to pray to unlock the powers of Heaven.  He does it in a way that I had not previously considered.

To extract as much benefit as possible, you really need to read it over and over.  It’s a lot like a workbook.  I’m on my third time through it in the past month.  If you haven’t read “Drawing on the Powers of Heaven” already, it’s one you should get at your earliest convenience.  It deserves a place in your library.

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