Recommended Reading: The Infinite Atonement by Tad R. Callister

The Infinite Atonement - Tad R. Callister
The Infinite Atonement – Tad R. Callister

Every so often, I find myself walking through Deseret Book thinking, “I’m sure all of these books are good, but which ones are really great?”  It is at times like this when I really wish I had a list of books that someone had reviewed.  A list of the books that, in their opinion, were the most edifying, uplifting, thought-provoking, and informative.  To this end, I have a category called “Book Reviews” for things that I feel fit this description.

In this post, I wish to recommend one book in particular.  It is called “The Infinite Atonement.”  This work holds a place among the best available about the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In fact, Robert L. Millet, the Dean of Religious Education and Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU wrote the Forward of this book.  In Brother Millet’s words:

“Some things simply matter more than others.  Even some doctrines, though interesting and even fun to discuss, must take a back seat to more fundamental and foundational doctrines.  It is just so with the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  The Atonement is the central act of human history, the pivotal point in all time, the  doctrine of doctrines.  Everything we do and everything we teach should somehow be anchored to the Atonement.

“I trust that the reader will conclude, as I have, that this book is worthy of repeated study, first because it is so well written, but, more important, because it addresses a subject, the subject, that is of everlasting import to every son and daughter of God.”

Brother Millet says it eloquently: Christ’s Atonement is the very most important doctrine to be understood, and this is an excellent resource for gaining a deeper understanding of it.

Here is part of the description from Deseret Book‘s site:

“Using the scriptures and the words of the prophets, Brother Callister explores the Savior’s divinity and the depth of his love for mankind. He explains the blessings that flow from the Atonement, providing insight into the resurrection, repentance, and the gifts of peace, motivation, freedom, grace, and exaltation. He explains the relationship of justice and mercy and the importance of ordinances. Through discussing the effects of the fall of Adam and our individual sins, he reminds us in a powerful way of the incalculable debt of gratitude we owe Christ for his unparalleled offering.”

The multitude of glowing reviews of this book also make a very strong case for owning a copy.  Here are a few:

“This is the most thorough treatment of the atonement that I have ever read. After reading and highlighting passages over the first 1/3 of the book, I realized I needed to read it again with my scriptures open and adding commentary into the margins for future reference. It will definitely be a book that I re-read several times in the future.”

“Callister does an outstanding job of describing the Atonement. My understanding of the Atonement and of the passages in the scriptures that teach of the Atonement was broadened. I especially enjoyed the chapters that explain why the Atonement is called ‘infinite.’ This is a must read.”

“There are LDS classics and it would not surprise me if this book becomes one. It has an excellent chapter on the gifts of the Spirit and the exalting and perfecting power of the Atonement. The gifts are essential for our development. If you understand that relationship, it maps out a journey more thrilling than any other earthly adventure could offer. This is a must read book.”

They go on and on, but are nearly all of the same tone and praise.  Personally, I am so very thankful that I was introduced to this book.  “The Infinite Atonement” is one of those books that you will read many times.  Each time, you will learn something new about the most important topic in the history of the world.

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